2009 Attendees

  • Will Wright (Sim-City & Spore)
  • David Perry (Gaikai)
  • Brian Fargo (Interplay and inXile
  • Rob Pardo (Blizzard, World of Warcraft)
  • Neil Young (ngmoco)
  • Warren Spector (Veteran Designer – Deux Ex)

MODERATOR: Gary Whitta (Was Editor of PC Gamer, now Hollywood Writer)

Held March 4th, 2009 during the Game Developers Conference.















A comment by Warren Spector:

“Other than the super embarrassing title of this event it was a ton of fun — one of those things that has me gawking like a kid in a candy shop wondering what I did to deserve being here with all of these guys! There’s been enough online coverage that I won’t go into details, but I got to give Blizzard’s Rob Pardo a (totally joshing) hard time about MMO’s and how much I’d prefer it if Blizzard would Just Give Me Diablo 3 RIGHT NOW. And for the first time in MY life, at least, I actually got Will Wright to admit that I was right about something we argued about — specifically, the big impact cloud computing was likely to have on games and game development. (I think it’s going to be huge and he, at least at the start of the discussion, didn’t think it would change things at all.) I got into a little good-natured sparring with Neil Young as well, about how I totally don’t get the mobile gaming business and development model, and I got to hang out with Brian Fargo (one of my heroes when I first got into the videogame business), all of which, together made the lunch a huge win for me. Hope I get to do it again at some future GDC!”

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