I really enjoyed Lunch with Luminaries 2015, my passion is to learn about every single part of our industry, past, present and future.  I’m fortunate enough to have met some incredible people over the years and so it’s a real pleasure to host these events and inspire very open discussions.

2015 Attendees:

  • Tim Schafer (Founder,  Double Fine Productions)
  • Randy Pitchford (CEO & President – Gearbox, he also does magic!)
  • Brendan Iribe (CEO Oculus VR, ex Gaikai & Scaleform)
  • Cliff “Cliffy-B” Blezinski (Founder of Boss Key, ex Epic/Gears of War)
  • Michael Frazzini (VP Amazon Games)
  • David Perry (CEO Gaikai – A Sony Computer Entertainment Company)
  • Neil Young – (CEO n3twork.com ex ngmoco)
  • Michael Gallagher (CEO & President of the ESA and E3 Conference)

We also invited some press to listen to the unfiltered conversation, I thank them so much for just letting the conversation flow.  It’s extremely unusual as it’s not the normal one-on-one interviews you see at trade shows.

Some Press Articles:

Nintendo Life

Photos by Danny Moloshok.