As it’s rare to have everyone in one place, during trade shows I host a (non-business) lunch and invite about 6 very special guests from the video game industry.

By carefully choosing interesting people, as you can imagine the conversation gets very potent.

I’ve allowed a few press to come and listen in the past, they have been incredibly respectful and so they are welcome back year after year.

It has a TED conference vibe, there’s no pitching, no selling, no press questions, it’s just a really interesting conversation over a nice lunch.  (Beats trade-show food, that’s for certain!)

For lack of a better name, I call it “Lunch with Luminaries”.

Previous attendees have included:

Tim Schafer, Randy Pitchford, Brendan Iribe, Cliff “Cliffy-B” Blezinski, Michael Frazzini, Michael Gallagher, Neil Young, Peter MolyneuxPhil HarrisonChris TaylorRaph KosterWill WrightWarren SpectorRob PardoBrian FargoMark CernyRoy BahatKristian Segerstrale & Rich Hilleman.

The moderator (when available) is Gary Whitta.

– David Perry

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